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Profitable Sales Growth

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Sometime ago I was referred to a copy of Ram Charan’s book “Profitable Growth Is Everyone’s Business”, a very enlightening read and one that I would highly recommend.  It got me to thinking in specific context of sales and sales teams, and how his concepts can be utilised in improving and achieving profitable sales growth, albeit Charan’s book is clear enough in this context also.

We’ve taken the opportunity to think through how this applies specifically to profitable ‘sales’ growth using some of our experiences and mapping this to Charan’s ‘tools’ to provide a focused overview for those of us in sales management and sales leadership.

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Are You Encouraging Profitable Sales Growth?

In the series on driving profitable sales growth, Richard Batka compares against and aligns with “Profitable Growth Is Everyone’s Business” by Ram Charan. This article considers the sales context of the 2nd tool suggested: Hit Many Singles And Doubles And Not Just Home Runs.

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